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Condition Glossary

All of our pieces are second-hand, and as such there will always be some 'signs-of-use' from their previous lives. We try and accurately grade them to give you a better idea of their condition so you can be confident in your purchase.


  • Mint / Like new 
  • Refinished / Restored
  • Upholstered Goods: Either like new/reupholstered/professionally cleaned

Very Good

  • Overall clear of major blemishes, shows minor age-appropriate signs of use.
  • Few (if any) surface/finish scratches, moisture/heat stains
  • No major scratches, gouges, discolouration.
  • No structural or functional issues.
  • Upholstered Goods: Clean, free of any rips/tears/stains unless otherwise noted. 


  • Age-appropriate signs of use, some scratches and/or moisture/heat stains, sun discolouration.
  • Few (if any) major scratches, gouges, veneer damage.
  • Unless noted, no structural / functional issues.
  • Upholstered Goods: Age-appropriate wear and tear, possible minor stains/discolouration, foam/fabric will need replacing soon, future reupholstery should be considered.

TLC / Fair

  • Wear and tear exceeding normal use, cosmetic repair/restoration needed.
  • Possible scratches, gouges, veneer damage, stains, discolouration.
  • Possible structural/functional issues that should be addressed
  • Upholstered Goods: Fabric needs cleaning or replacement, foam/stuffing has deteriorated and needs replacing, reupholstery in general should be considered.